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Those who are new to c,c++ programming might find it challenging to understand some of the concepts.

One such concept is of Pointer. Pointer is a variable whose value is the address of another variable.

Pointer storing the address of another variable. Value could be an int, float , double ..etc.

LET’S understand Props with working examples in order to get the concept and it’s execution right.

Getting started with react could be overwhelming , One of the new concept that you first encounter while learning react would be of Props.

First you must know Components it is basically a function…

We all have seen a boom in the prize of the bitcoin and it has sure made people who have invested in it millions. But despite this craze and hype still most people don’t know about different cryptocurrencies .The knowledge of these currencies are limited. Due to their high risk…

The anime world is far from real and especially the powers that characters have is unimaginable and fighting scene are just epic.

image source :-google images
source : google images

One good thing about anime is the story setting and the brilliant way of narration , it is not restricted by the characters, nor by what role will…

Daily live of a biotechnologist deals with media preparation and cell culturing in general. Then many times a thought pop up in our mind why do we prepare so many media? What is it’s use ? Why can’t there be a single media for all? Can there be universal media?

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